How to Quickly and Easily Get Your Tax Return 44 Days Before the IRS Releases Your Money

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The IRS is not releasing your tax returns until February 15th!

You have many options for filing your tax return and receiving your refund. Of the options available to you, there are ways to obtain your refund without extra fees. Please see below for additional information.

Pay Nothing Today!

Ask about a Refund Transfer to have your fees deducted from your refund.


Your refund will be received by Direct Deposit at the Bank from the IRS or State!


You won’t need to pay anything up front to have your taxes prepared!


You can choose how to receive your Refund Transfer proceeds from several safe and secure options.

IRS Direct Options Refund Transfer Options
Payment of Tax Prep Padi directly to preparer Can be deducted from refund
Filing Options Paper or E-File Return E-File Return
Disbursement Options
  • IRS issued check sent US mail
  • IRS direct deposit to your account
  • Bank issued check from tax office
  • Bank direct deposit to your account
  • Walmart Direct2Cash
  • Netspend Visa Prepaid Card
Paper Return Federal Refund Timing IRS estimates within 6 weeks N/A
E-File Federal Refund Timing Within 21 days of filing, but not earlier than Feb. 15 if tax return includes EITC or ACTC

Refund Transfers Information

You may choose to receive your refund as a Refund Transfer, which is a fee-based product provided by Republic Bank & Trust Company

If you have an existing bank account, you can file a tax return electronically and receive your refund by direct deposit within a similar time frame and without paying the additional fees associated with a Refund Transfer.

If you do choose a Refund Transfer…

  • A Refund Transfer Fee and all other authorized amounts will be deducted from your tax refund
  • You may be charged a fee for your state refund or each additional funding.
  • You may be charged a Transmitter Fee and/or a Service Bureau Fee
  • Please consult your tax preparer for specific details.

Tax preparation fees are determined by your preparer and disclosed to you on the Bank Product Application and Agreement​. Prepaid Card monthly and transaction fees apply. Consult your Cardholder Agreement for details.​

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